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Free Spirit Press Free Spirit Press: publishers of the "Gifted Kids Survival Guides" and other books for gifted kids, teens, and parents. Search by title or category. Also books on Learning Differences and Self-Esteem.

Better than a library? Perhaps not. But, these two sites will give you a good idea of what's currently available. Search by Author, Title, and Keyword. Browse by Subject or Call No. (Dewey)


Organizations providing information or services to families with intellectually gifted children.

Talent Searches

These organizations offer out-of-level testing for gifted students in elementary school through high school. The tests used measure academic achievement. Qualifying students are invited to apply for a variety of enrichment and accelerated learning opportunities: summer residential, summer commuter, academic year, and distance learning (EPGY: Math and EWT: Expository Writing Tutorial).

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The Univ. of Nebraska's Correspondence High School is a great place to order textbooks for home use. The math textbooks, starting with Algebra I, are excellent and inexpensive (around $50-$60)). Subtract at least 5 years from the stated grade level for science and social studies. Warning: the Expository Writing and Research Writing courses are challenging even for gifted students. Foreign Language courses are grammar based; if you want conversation and speaking, pick up a Foreign Service Institute course at a local bookseller. Textbook Catalog

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If you want to get the "scoop" on the latest trends in education -- check out these sites. Interesting columns with helpful hints for teachers that every parent will benefit from readin g as well.

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