The TAG Project's Mailing Lists

You're invited to join our community as we talk about what makes each individual unique and valuable as a person and as a member of human society.

Let's talk about developing lifestyles that foster healthy attitudes and emotional well being for ourselves, our children, our communities, and our society.

Genuine respect for self is the foundation upon which an abiding respect for others is built. Accept yourself and you've started on the road toward acceptance of others.

Which Mailing List Is Right For You?

We have three support communities: TAGFAM, TAGMAX, and TAGPDQ. You should belong to at least one of these groups. If your children are in traditional schools, TAGFAM is the support community for you. If you homeschool your children, try TAGMAX. TAGPDQ is for families needing radical educational and social accomodations for their children.

TAGFORUM is for announcements and debates relating to advocacy and legislative affairs.

Last Updated: 12/8/2002
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