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Archives & Subscription Options

You may use the ICORS LISTSERV® Web Interface to read messages, search the archives or change your subscription options. The following links will take you directly to the page for each of our lists. You must currently be a subscriber to read messages or access the list's archives.

* -- Archives not available online.

How To Subscribe

Please use the EMail command interface.

Send your request to:

In that message put:

      SUB list-name yourfirstname yourlastname
   For example:
      SUB TAGFAM Albert Einstein

To get a list of EMail commands for LISTSERV®
Send your request to:
in the message body put: INFO REFCARD

Please Note: sending commands to a mailing list's submission address just irritates people and clogs the list. Please don't do it. Use the web interface. Or, if you must use the email interface and you're having trouble with a command, mail the listowner directly or use the listname-request address if you don't have the listowner's personal EMail address. That's the quickest way to get your problem taken care of.


The "Official" online reference for LISTSERV® mailing lists is at:

Our lists are hosted by ICORS, a LISTSERV host.

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